Podcast Interview with Dr. Alison Bailey

  Podcast Interview with Dr. Alison Bailey Parenting Bilinguals: What it Takes to Foster Bilingual Children Dr. Alison Bailey is a Professor in Education and the Director of the Language and Literacy Research Group at UCLA.   Dr. Bailey research includes children’s language acquisition of first and second languages, early literacy development, language and cognitive development […]

Understanding Bilingualism and Language Acquisition_Transcript of Interview with Dr. Alejandra Mielke

Dr. Alejandra Mielke Podcast Interviews In English and Spanish On March 21, Think Bilingual Austin posted our podcast interviews with Dr. Aljeandra Mielke.  Because the information Dr. Mielke provided was so insightful, we are bringing you a transcript of the podcast with headings to highlight the key points discussed. Realistic Expectations on Levels of Bilingualism […]

The English language is the world’s Achilles heel

The English language is the world’s Achilles heel Filtering information. pathdoc/Shutterstock Guillaume Thierry, Bangor University English has achieved prime status by becoming the most widely spoken language in the world – if one disregards proficiency – ahead of Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. English is spoken in 101 countries, while Arabic is spoken in 60, French […]

Podcast Interview with Ms. Rose Potter from UTeach Liberal Arts College at UT Austin

Cultivating Support for World Languages in Public Education Podcast Interview with Ms. Rose Potter, Clinical Assistant Professor, UTeach Liberal Arts College at UT Austin  Ms. Rose Potter shares her insights as a life long educator of Spanish on the importance of being bilingual in other world languages.  She discusses the real challenges in our society […]

El poder del cuento _The Power of Stories

The Power of Stories English version below. Por ser bicultural y bilingüe, existimos y nos identificamos en ambos mundos simultáneamente.  Escuchar, leer, mirar cuentos diversos son muy importante porque el cuento es lo que nos conecta con todos los seres humanos. El cuento resuena con cada persona y habla de nuestra humanidad. Así, por los […]

#ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign

#ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign This month we are launching our #ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign to raise awareness of the value of linguistic diversity and multicultural exchange.  Public funding for language learning programs, bilingual education and dual language programs is constantly under threat with budget cuts and policies that devalue the learning of languages other than […]


FUN AND EFFICIENT WAYS FOR CHILDREN TO BECOME BILINGUAL    Guest Contributor: Katie Gyurkovits, Online Academy Manager and Administrator of Break into English     We live in a world where bilingual is definitely better. Being bilingual or having a high level of a second language opens doors such as studying and working abroad. If you’ve tried […]

Proposed Law Further Undermines Language Learning

Proposed Law Further Undermines Second Language Learning In promoting language learning and multicultural understanding, an issue we are often faced with is the lack of support by key decision makers to prioritize educational programs for the learning of a language other than English (LOTE).  This reluctance to support LOTE education is at odds with the […]