#ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign

#ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign This month we are launching our #ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign to raise awareness of the value of linguistic diversity and multicultural exchange.  Public funding for language learning programs, bilingual education and dual language programs is constantly under threat with budget cuts and policies that devalue the learning of languages other than […]


FUN AND EFFICIENT WAYS FOR CHILDREN TO BECOME BILINGUAL    Guest Contributor: Katie Gyurkovits, Online Academy Manager and Administrator of Break into English     We live in a world where bilingual is definitely better. Being bilingual or having a high level of a second language opens doors such as studying and working abroad. If you’ve tried […]

Proposed Law Further Undermines Language Learning

Proposed Law Further Undermines Second Language Learning In promoting language learning and multicultural understanding, an issue we are often faced with is the lack of support by key decision makers to prioritize educational programs for the learning of a language other than English (LOTE).  This reluctance to support LOTE education is at odds with the […]

Podcast Series 2: Alejandra Mielke, Ph.D. in Bilingual and Biliteracy Education

 Podcast Series 2: Common Misconceptions Regarding Language Acquisition with special guest,   Alejandra Mielke, Ph. D. Bilingual and Biliteracy Development Educational Consultant Alejandra Mielke, Ph.D. and expert in language acquisition, shares her knowledge on the importance of setting realistic expectations in language learning and acquisition and why quality input and consistency in both the native […]

All About Our Think Bilingual Ambassador Program

Think Bilingual Ambassador Program What’s the buzz about Think Bilingual Austin’s new Ambassador Program? You might have heard recently about the new Think Bilingual Ambassador Program, and have some questions, so we’re here to tell you all about it! Our mission/vision for the Ambassador Program at Think Bilingual Austin is to create a network of support […]

Fostering Friendship across Diverse Communities

Fostering Friendship across Diverse Groups Communities with diverse groups in their population have a lot going for them.  Diversity promotes  creative thinking, problem solving and novel ways at looking for solutions. It also harnesses cultural ideas that can help a community be resilient to external social and economic shocks, much like diversity in plant species […]

Think Bilingual Podcasts

Introduction to Think Bilingual Austin Podcast Series   Building Community through Language and Multicultural Exchange Think Bilingual Austin is excited to tell you that we have begun our podcast series.  Here is Think Bilingual Austin’s first podcast that introduces our listeners to who Think Bilingual Austin is and our mission.