Mid-March Bilingual News Roundup

Debates over bilingualism, reviews of new studies on benefits and the evolution of bilingual education are some of the many ongoing topics you will find in the news this past month.   In case you have missed them, we have included them here for you in our bilingual news roundup. CNN reporter Anna Johnson writes […]

The LIBRARY for LEARNING a LANGUAGE: materials in world languages

The library is by far one of my favorite resources for fostering bilingual education.  First and foremost, it is a free resource (or low cost resource for those who live outside the district). Secondly, it provides an assortment of materials and services important for becoming bilingual.  We encourage you to explore what your local library offers. […]

February 2016: News Roundup

February brings the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl brings great commercials! Enjoy this one with us! Bilingual Benefits: A recent Canadian study shows bilingual benefits in cognitive flexibility. A write-up in Epilepsy Today highlights a study that shows that bilingualism may protect working memory in children with epilepsy. However, the debate on whether bilingualism […]

Multicultural Events & Festivals: Top Picks for February 2016

Chinese New Year Celebrations: Celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar year, celebrations traditionally span several weeks. This centuries-old celebration is a time to honor both deities as well as ancestors. This year marks the beginning of the Year of the Monkey!  Join in the celebration by attending some of these community events: Chinese […]

How do children learn a second language?

Posted by Elizabeth García. Infancia y Educación FACTORS INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE (when the learners are children  ) Spanish It is clear the importance it has acquired learning a second language. Since the sixties, numerous scientific publications have empirically tested benefits about begin learning a second language in an early age. Authors […]

Bilingual Theater

A new family bilingual play opens this weekend at the Zach Theater.  The description of the play is as follows: “Based on the true story of the Mexican-American author and educator Tomás Rivera, this inspirational story suggests what reading — and self-respect — can make possible. This production will be done in partnership with the […]

Bilingual News Round-up

Happy 2016! We have compiled the latest in bilingual news to keep you informed.  Scientist find long lasting changes in the brain in babies and toddlers that learn a new language after having learned the first.  These changes in the brain persist even if one of the languages is forgotten later in life.  A continued […]