How do children learn a second language?

Posted by Elizabeth García. Infancia y Educación FACTORS INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE (when the learners are children  ) Spanish It is clear the importance it has acquired learning a second language. Since the sixties, numerous scientific publications have empirically tested benefits about begin learning a second language in an early age. Authors […]

Choosing the Right Bilingual Program: Organizational Structure

The Importance of Evaluating the Organizational Structure of Bilingual Educational Programs You like the bilingual teacher/s (see part 2) and  the curriculum (see part 1) used at a particular bilingual program.  Satisfied with both, you are now ready to enroll your child or yourself in the bilingual educational program.  But wait!  What do you know about the organizational structure […]

Choosing the Right Bilingual Program: Teachers

Choosing the right bilingual program for you or your family can feel a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, more options are slowly becoming available with the increase in dual language programs, after-school language programs and camps.  This series of posts addresses important attributes to consider when choosing a bilingual program.  In the most recent post we focused […]

How to use Project Based Learning to be Bilingual

Last school year, my daughter’s English studies were based on Project Based Learning (PBL) whereas her Spanish studies were based on traditional methods.  Over the course of the academic year, I discovered that my daughter found the English project based work more challenging but much more rewarding.  She really felt she was learning a lot, […]