Building Unity through Linguistic & Cultural Diversity & Understanding

  Building Unity Through Linguistic & Cultural Diversity & Understanding On November 12, we hosted our ATX Think Bilingual Fair with over 45 organizations representing local bilingual and/or multicultural educational programs.  Families and individuals came out to support bilingualism and multiculturalism in an event that included fun and engaging language learning workshops for kids, cultural […]

Translation technology is useful, but should not replace learning languages

Translation technology is useful, but should not replace learning languages The benefits of language-learning go far beyond being able to translate. Michael Haugh, The University of Queensland For many years now, there have been calls for Australians to learn languages, particularly Asian languages, as the world economy pivots to the Asia-Pacific. But the number […]

Rank and Review Your Favorite Bilingual Educational Program

Rate and Review Your Favorite Bilingual Educational Programs on our Online Directory! To better serve our community and promote participation in bilingual educational programs, please help us by rating and writing reviews for the programs you and your family has experience with on our online program directory. The direct link is: Can’t find your bilingual […]

Task Based Language Teaching

Task Based Language Teaching Foreign language teaching has gone through a number of methodologies and approaches; each purporting to be better than the other. The grammar translation method or rote learning maintains supremacy as the means of teaching. This approach focuses on the repetition of grammatical forms, imitating the speaker, and involves translating sentences from the […]

The true failure of foreign language instruction

The true failure of foreign language instruction Far fewer Americans speak a second language than in most other developed countries – and the problem starts in the classroom. Catherine Snow, Harvard University A recent report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences calls for more attention to language teaching in the U.S. The report […]

Benefits of Being Bilingual / Ventajas de ser bilingüe

  Benefits of Being Bilingual / Ventajas de ser bilingüe Contributor: Austin Independent School District.  Learn more about Dual Language Programs and Benefits of Bilingualism this weekend at the AISD Back to School Bash. La copia en español sigue abajo: Aprenden más de los programas de lenguajes duales y los beneficios del bilingüismo este fin […]

Getting a job using your second language

Article Contributor: Lic. Vanessa Fardi, Team Leader US/ LATAM,  NEUVOO (An international online job search company) Sigue abajo para encontrar el artículo en español. Knowing other languages ​​in a world that, thanks to globalization, has forced people to be bilingual and almost makes them forget their mother tongue, definitely comes in handy when looking for a new […]

Dr. Rebecca Callahan on the Importance of Bilingual & Bicultural Education_Bilingual STEAM 2016

We were very delighted to have Dr. Rebecca Callahan, Associate Professor of Bilingual Bicultural Education at UT at Austin, as our keynote speaker to start-off our Bilingual STEAM event on November 12.  Dr. Callahan provided us with insight and data on why bilingual and multicultural education is important and relevant in today’s world. For a recap […]