The true failure of foreign language instruction

The true failure of foreign language instruction Far fewer Americans speak a second language than in most other developed countries – and the problem starts in the classroom. Catherine Snow, Harvard University A recent report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences calls for more attention to language teaching in the U.S. The report […]

Benefits of Being Bilingual / Ventajas de ser bilingüe

  Benefits of Being Bilingual / Ventajas de ser bilingüe Contributor: Austin Independent School District.  Learn more about Dual Language Programs and Benefits of Bilingualism this weekend at the AISD Back to School Bash. La copia en español sigue abajo: Aprenden más de los programas de lenguajes duales y los beneficios del bilingüismo este fin […]

Getting a job using your second language

Article Contributor: Lic. Vanessa Fardi, Team Leader US/ LATAM,  NEUVOO (An international online job search company) Sigue abajo para encontrar el artículo en español. Knowing other languages ​​in a world that, thanks to globalization, has forced people to be bilingual and almost makes them forget their mother tongue, definitely comes in handy when looking for a new […]

Dr. Rebecca Callahan on the Importance of Bilingual & Bicultural Education_Bilingual STEAM 2016

We were very delighted to have Dr. Rebecca Callahan, Associate Professor of Bilingual Bicultural Education at UT at Austin, as our keynote speaker to start-off our Bilingual STEAM event on November 12.  Dr. Callahan provided us with insight and data on why bilingual and multicultural education is important and relevant in today’s world. For a recap […]

Educational programs that connect Spain and US

Contributed by Lisi Garcia, Founder of Infancia y Educación.  Click here for the Spanish version. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries worldwide  According to a new report “Spanish, a living language” by the Spain-based nonprofit Instituto Cervantes: There are 559 million Spanish speakersthroughout the world. Spanish is the second native language in the world by number of speakers. […]

What Music Do You Play In Your House?–Spanish Songs for Families

 By : Aileen Passariello-McAleer with Christia Hoffman,  Founders of Mama Lingua I’ve spent many hours listening to Pandora trying to find the right Spanish-language and bilingual music for my family. I recently discovered two artists whose music and musical message I highly recommend for kids — and for parents. Introducing Nathalia Music and 123 Andrés – and a video […]

Why Learn Mandarin? – Parents Share Their Reasons

Last month the Austin Area Chinese Language Speech Contest, held on April 23 at Doss Elementary, brought together 5 local Chinese Mandarin language schools. Mandarin language learners competed on preparedness, pronunciation and performance in Mandarin .   The mere existence of such a contest for language learners speaks to the rapidly growing sector of Mandarin language […]

Mid-March Bilingual News Roundup

Debates over bilingualism, reviews of new studies on benefits and the evolution of bilingual education are some of the many ongoing topics you will find in the news this past month.   In case you have missed them, we have included them here for you in our bilingual news roundup. CNN reporter Anna Johnson writes […]