How can we support kids in learning more than one language?

Those who know more than one language have a competitive edge. The LEAF Project, CC BY-SA Ester J de Jong, University of Florida There is little doubt that knowing more than one language carries tremendous advantages. Young bilinguals are known to be flexible thinkers and better problem solvers. They have a competitive edge in the […]

¿De dónde eres?

English Translation Below: Por Erica Mirochnik, Creadora de Mamás por el mundo   Una de las preguntas más frecuentes que les hacen a mis hijos, y a muchos otros niños también es “¿de dónde eres?” Para la mayoría de los niños esto es algo sencillo de responder. Para los míos es algo más complejo. La […]

Learning Language Through Routines/ Aprender lenguaje por rutinas.

We use the same vocabulary over and over again with our children through the practice of daily routines such as eating, brushing teeth, and bed time.  This constant repetition of vocabulary with routine concepts make daily routines a perfect format for introducing language learning. Reto Bilingüe and Mama Lingua have joined forces to provide online content to help […]

A Bilingual Lifestyle has made us a better Family

Note: This is guest post by Aileen Passariello-McAleer, co-founder of MamaLingua. This post was first featured on MomRising Blog for #bilingualrisers campaign. I was raised in a Spanish-speaking household. Although I heard Spanish throughout my childhood, I rarely responded in Spanish. I didn’t know how important my language was to me until I got pregnant and […]

Raising A Bilingual Child: Fears, Myths, and the Importance of the Mother Tongue

Raising a child brings amazing rewards as well as tremendous anxiety.  Parents can easily feel overwhelmed with the bombardment of high-stakes competitiveness in education and sports while having access to fewer traditional safety nets such as external family support to help with the burden of childcare.  Immigrant families are likely to experience an even higher level of anxiety […]

5 Tips for Using Bilingual Books in the Classroom & Home

Bilingual books are a great resource for bridging two different languages. They offer educators the chance to teach students in the school language while providing a tool for home language development and parental involvement among dual language families. Studies have shown that supporting a child’s home language is very important for enhancing academic performance, even […]