The Importance of Building a Diverse Community – Bilingualism and Multiculturalism

Being part of a community is essential to being human. Most people are involved in a number of different communities such as those related to neighborhood, school, family or religion.  As a community, we come together to fellowship and to support something we value and share in common.  Hence, the shared goal of pursuing bilingualism and […]

Context Is Key!

Post by Aileen Passariello-McAleer with Christia Hoffman, Founders of Mama Lingua As my daughter stepped out of the shower the other day, I wrapped her up tightly in a towel and said “Acurrúcate!” I was telling her to get cozy and cuddle up in the towel. Mi hija stared intently at my mouth as I spoke, […]

Why Learn Mandarin? – Parents Share Their Reasons

Last month the Austin Area Chinese Language Speech Contest, held on April 23 at Doss Elementary, brought together 5 local Chinese Mandarin language schools. Mandarin language learners competed on preparedness, pronunciation and performance in Mandarin .   The mere existence of such a contest for language learners speaks to the rapidly growing sector of Mandarin language […]

The LIBRARY for LEARNING a LANGUAGE: materials in world languages

The library is by far one of my favorite resources for fostering bilingual education.  First and foremost, it is a free resource (or low cost resource for those who live outside the district). Secondly, it provides an assortment of materials and services important for becoming bilingual.  We encourage you to explore what your local library offers. […]

How do children learn a second language?

Posted by Elizabeth García. Infancia y Educación FACTORS INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE (when the learners are children  ) Spanish It is clear the importance it has acquired learning a second language. Since the sixties, numerous scientific publications have empirically tested benefits about begin learning a second language in an early age. Authors […]

Bilingual Middle School Programs: Filling the Void

Bilingual Middle School Programs: Filling the Void Austin Independent School District (AISD) has extended the Spanish/English dual-Language program to three middle schools beginning this academic year. The schools are Fulmore MS, Paredes MS and Burnet MS; and depending on space available, all three currently allow for transfers.  This is welcoming news for many of the […]

How to use Project Based Learning to be Bilingual

Last school year, my daughter’s English studies were based on Project Based Learning (PBL) whereas her Spanish studies were based on traditional methods.  Over the course of the academic year, I discovered that my daughter found the English project based work more challenging but much more rewarding.  She really felt she was learning a lot, […]