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Download the weekly activity checklist for language learning in the links below:

Activity Checklist for Language Learning -English Version

Weekly Checklist of Activities for Language Learning in Spanish & English

Lista de actividades para hacer en casa para ayudar el aprendizaje de idioma


Help stay on track by supporting bilingualism and multiculturalism with Think Bilingual Austin’s  Bilingual Passport Workshop.

Reflect on motives, list your intentions and more with this helpful guide to get you through the different stages of language learning. Think Bilingual Austin_Bilingual Passport Workshop



Test your BQ (Bilingual Quotient) and become a bilingual expert with this fun Fact or Myth Flash Card Game!

Page 1:

TBA Fact Myth Game Page 1, Front

TBA Fact Myth Game Page 1, Back

Page 2:

TBA Fact Myth Game_Page 2, Front

TBA Fact Myth Game  Page 2, Back

Page 3:

TBA Fact Myth Game Page 3, Front

TBA Fact Myth Game Page 3, Back

Page 4:

TBA Fact Myth Game Page 4, Front

TBA Fact Myth Game Page 4, Back


Cultural Activity: The Cultural Intersections between Mexico and India

India_Mexico_Culture_Food-Activity Sheets

Use this activity set to learn about the commonalities that exist between Mexico and India.

Create a scavenger hunt at home or at the grocery market to find common foods and spices and learn what they are called in Spanish and English.

Create labels for your spice rack to learn what the words are in Spanish and/or Hindi.

Make authentic Mexican and Indian dishes with the spices or create your own fusion.

Make your own paper crepe marigolds to celebrate festivals in each culture.

Meet people and make new friends with those who have cultural ties to either country.