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Date(s) - 07/06/2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Kinokuniya Austin


JASGA cultural and educational program series in July 2018 will present Japanese Tanabata star festival and Koto performance.
Tanabata (七夕) literary means “Evening of the seventh”, also known as the Japanese Star Festival.  It celebrates the meeting of Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair). They are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. According to folklore story, the Milky Way separates this loving couple.
Tanabata is celebrated every year on July 7 in Japan (or August 7 in some places).  It’s said that your wishes will come true if you write them down on strips of paper called tanzaku and hang them on bamboo branches. At kindergartens and elementary schools, children together with adults celebrate Tanabata by hanging tanzaku with their wishes – such as “I want to become good at soccer” or “I want to travel around the world.” Children look forward to this special day as a sign that summer has truly arrived.  When this time of year comes around, people write their wishes on strips of paper and hang them on bamboo trees, along with decorations.
Open to the public, kids friendly, and free event!
Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!
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