EcoleJean-JacquesRousseau-Logo-RGB-01Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a preparatory French private school located in North Austin offering very small size classes and programs to reach the highest academic results. We are the only French school that offers 100% French immersion at a preschool level following the guidelines of the French Ministry of Education.

Programs include:

The Full-Time French Program from preschool age attend the French program until Middle School level.
The Integrated Dual/English Program – Starting Middle School Leve
French After School Program: 
French after school classes are offered to school age children, preferably age 7 and up. A combined choir and drama program may be offered to the students. After School classes run at least twice a week.
French Classes For Younger Children: These classes are designated for children never exposed to French and younger than age 5 or 6.
2016 Summer Camps in French: weekly from June 6 – July 24 

“Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau offers fully immersed summer programs without having to cross the Atlantic. Run by experienced and qualified Native Speakers and teachers known for their education, enthusiasm and experience, our summer camps are built on 30 years of experience of academic excellence and expertise in developing effective language immersion programs for all levels.

Our summer camps are divided into age based group abilities, depending on the age and number of our enrolled campers. Camps are open to our students and to non-students of the program as we welcome beginners and speakers of all levels. Summer camps activities are weekly based, and to offer a wide range of summer camps including indoors and outdoors activities. Each summer camp week include a combination of academci classes and several afternoon activities such as Tennis, Swimming, Mini-Volley-Ball, Rowing, Gastronomy, Construction, Art & Crafts, Robotics, Hip-Hop, Chess, Painting, Printing, Sculpting and Drawing. ALL campers will attend morning French academic classes tailored to the needs of the campers. “

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Our Address:

11607 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753


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Charlene Dlabaj
2017-05-25 23:22:07
Excerpts from a longer review: "French School of Austin has changed their name from Ecole Jean Jacques Rousseau to avoid the repercussions of the bad reputation they have made for themselves. You can read my review for their alias but it won't even show you a glimpse of the iceberg of deception and manipulations that was used against me and a slue of other families by these people. . . .  [Director] claimed a montessori approach to learning and assured me that the social emotional aspect to my daughter's education would be a priority over academics. …  Once my daughter opened up about what was going on, she named 6 other children in her class that had been physically abused … One day, I caught [one of the teachers] screaming violently at my child during after school tutoring, telling her that she was going to make her stay at school all night because she was too slow! … Maria Montessori is rolling in her grave … My advice to those who are not convinced, ask lots and lots of questions and then insist that she provide the factual evidence. Use your intuition! Don't take it for granted that these people seem so sweet and innocent. These people have been getting away with hurting families for a decade. I can't stand to think they are still luring people into this trap. Be aware that Hind treats different people differently. …"