“Austin International School is recognized for its strong and broad-based academic curriculum, its progressive math program and its high-quality, international education. Students are not only immersed in French, English and Spanish, they are also educated in all subject areas using these languages. The program encourages intellectual curiosity, as well as critical and analytical thinking. In addition, students focus on other essential life skills such as socialization, independence, organization and responsibility…”

Bilingual  Spring & Summer camps (French and Spanish) 2018: 

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2018-04-12 20:54:59
Two stars. My son's experience at Austin International School's summer camp last year (2017) was so abysmal that my pre-k son cried before going there each day because it was so "boring." When I arrived a few times to pick him up early, the students were watching cartoons and the instructors sat in the glow of their iphones. (Cartoons were not even listed as part of the curriculum, which promised INTERACTIVE FUN. I had in mind a completely different kind of interactivity.) I would have happily pulled my son out of the program except for all the local camps being booked up by the time summer camp days hit.
2017-01-16 18:56:37
Both of my children attended AIS from age 4 through 5th grade. The experience was amazing. Both speak French and Spanish really well and benefited greatly from the international environment at the school, along with the small classes and individual attention. On top of that they each had the chance to travel with their 5th grade class to France where they attended classes at a local French school and lived with a French family. In addition we were able to host visiting French students in our home in the same way. We love AIS!