Olas Spanish Immersion School is a part-time year around spanish immersion school that offers a flexible schedule for toddlers to elementary age students year round.  Class size is kept small (maximum 6) and language development is acquired through age appropriate activities.   Individual classes and homeschool group classes are also available on site with advanced planning notice.

Olas Spanish Immersion School has also recently announced Spanish language classes for adults of all levels.

Spanish Summer Camps 2016:  June 6-June 24

“Olas Spanish Immersion Camp is offered for students from ages 4-11. ”

“In addition to our on-going classes for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students, we  offer Olas Spanish Immersion summer camp every June. Olas Spanish Immersion summer camp is designed to provide children with language instruction and experiences beyond what they typically experience during the school year.

We invite our students to travel to different Spanish speaking countries as we open up doors to explore the history and development of these countries. The hispanic culture comes to life in our classroom through art, music, literature, theatre, cooking class, and  outdoor activities. This year our immersion summer camp will celebrate Caribbean culture.”


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708 E 51st Street; Austin, TX 78751


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Marisol Maldonado
2017-09-28 17:20:58
Fantastic program and staff!
2017-06-18 22:38:59
Olas is such a warm and great place for children to play while they learn --all in Spanish. My child has been coming home excited to tell me everything she learned about Argentina this summer! Even as a Spanish-speaker she is still learning new words and phrases! Highly recommend this camp.
2016-01-20 16:56:48
Olas is a wonderful place for your children to learn Spanish. Led by "Maestra Mara," the instruction is very interactive with a lot of singing and guided play. The environment is loving and supportive, and we enjoy the diverse group of families that attend this school.
2015-08-31 17:41:18
Olas Spanish Camp was incredible! The teachers put together an amazing curriculum about Spain. Kids learn about Spanish writers, painters, learn how to cook traditional recipes and talked about major festivals and dances of Spain. Highlight of my day was when my son told me about the magnificent Guggenheim Museum in Spain. I would recommend the summer camp to everyone!
2015-08-31 17:41:18
Olas Summer Camp is the most amazing camp we have yet experienced--and we have tried a number of "Spanish camps" around Austin. This is a camp where children really do use their Spanish, learn a lot and really have fun the whole time! I only wish that every day of my child's learning could be like this! Olas does offer a preschool and a after school program. Our child has attended both programs and we have been happy with each. The teachers are always seeking new ways to improve upon their techniques to help the children stay engaged in learning Spanish while maintaining a nurturing and safe environment.