Sponsored Advertisement on Think Bilingual Austin’s Website

As a 501 (c ) (3) non-profit, Think Bilingual Austin is dedicated to provide community members with access to important resources and relevant information to families and individuals to promote and maintain bilingualism and multicultural understanding. Think Bilingual Austin relies on community donors, sponsors, and grants to support our outreach and programs.  We also rely on advertisement sponsors to help cover the costs associated with maintaining the website.


Top Banner Spot

The top banner advertisement spot is located on every page in the website at the top of the page.  The recommended format is 468 x 60 pixels.
The current price for this ad banner is $175 per month; $300 for 2 months; $425 for a 3 month period. 

Top Side Bar Ad

The side bar ad is visible on our community calendar page, our blog page and on all other pages except for the home page and the directory.
Our previous top side bar ad received as many clicks as did some of our top performing listings in our directory.  This ad spot is 200 x 200 pixels and is currently available for $75 per month; $135 for 2 months; $185 for a 3 month period.  

Mid Side Bar Ad

Like the top side bar ad, this ad is visible on every page except for the home page and directory page.  This ad is located directly below the top ad for great visibility.  This ad is also approximately 200 x 200 pixels and is currently available for $60 per month; $115 for 2 months; or $165 for a 3 month period.

Bottom Side Bar Ad

The bottom side bar ad is visible on our community calendar page, our blog page and on all other pages except for the home page and the directory.  It is located on the bottom of the right hand side bar.  This ad is similar in size to the other side bar ads and is available for $50 per month; $95 for 2 months; and $135 for a 3 month period.  

Why Sponsor Advertisement on Think Bilingual Austin’s Website?

An important part of Think Bilingual Austin’s community outreach is providing a community-based directory of bilingual educational resources and a community calendar of multicultural activities open to the general public.  Think Bilingual Austin also hosts a number of community events and partners with community-based organizations to provide greater access to information and resources important for promoting language learning and multicultural understanding.

Today our website receives over 4,000 views per month and that number continues to grow as more people learn about our organization and search for language learning programs, multicultural events and other related resources and information.  During the past quarter, top searched language programs in our program directory received between 40 – 52 clicks directly to their website through our directory listing. This number does not reflect how often these programs were actually viewed within our directory before the click was made.

By purchasing advertisement space, your organization is supporting our outreach in addition to reaching a target market who is interested in finding programs and resources to support language learning and multicultural understanding.  You are able to have greater market visibility for your product or service while also helping our organization be more sustainable.

For more information, contact us at thinkbilingual@gmail.com.