This is the end of my son’s second year at Magellan; he’ll be starting 2nd grade next year. The school has been a wonderful experience for him so far! The greatest attributes of the school are the quality of the teachers. There seems to be a lot of consistency- in other words, the likelihood of having a great teacher one year, and then a burnt out teacher the next are very low. They have also done a wonderful job of developing curriculum that threads all aspects of the children’s learning under themes/units of inquiry. This means instead of having independent subjects (a more traditional format), children focus on units of inquiry and tackle them from the perspective of math, science, reading, writing, art, english, spanish, social studies etc. Learning this way has given my son a much more practical and global perspective on learning. I’ve also really appreciated how much the school focuses on challenging children to view the world beyond their home in Austin; to consider different cultures and points of view. I think a huge portion of the tuition is dedicated towards staff. Having two teachers per classroom makes a *huge* difference, and they really take advantage of that by breaking classrooms down into smaller groups.

The challenges of the school are that it is definitely expensive, although having two teachers in a classroom is well worth the expense, in my opinion! They are also a young school, and as a parent, you will need to have an allowance of patience as administrative quirks are worked out. The positive side to this is that there is ample opportunity to make a difference in the direction the school is going as parents are highly involved in the development of the school.