Erika Levack

We have been part of the Ridgetop family for a year, and when I say family I truly mean that. The school’s Principal (Mr. Gloria) and Assistant Principal (Ms. Schultz) both work very hard to make parents and kids feel welcome and part of a special community. In addition, the dual language aspect of the school is invaluable, with kids spending upwards of 50% of class time learning only in Spanish. Having grown up in a bilingual program myself for all of elementary and middle school, with a very similar structure to that of Ridgetop’s, I feel lucky that our daughter gets to experience this type of education. In our limited time there, she’s already throwing bits of Spanish here and there into her daily expression at home, which is great to see. I am certain that challenging her mind in this way is helping her to think more creatively, and to push herself in ways she might not otherwise.