Our son is just completing PP4 at Magellan and it has been a tremendous year for him. In the beginning my husband and I were a little bit disappointed with the pace and content being taught (ie. learning ABCs and numbers 1-10). However, Ms. Ana Mendez did an outstanding job reassuring us AND proving that our son would be given personalized attention to continue on his personal trajectory. The classroom was divided into workgroups/tables with kids at similar levels. This year our son learned how to read and speak Spanish, not to mention read and write in English (and has progressed at an astounding pace), and Mandarin (not at Magellan, see Chinese with Meggie review). The school’s emphasis on developing global, caring citizens is something that can be witnessed in the classroom and out. There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in the classroom throughout the year as well. There can be an overwhelming amount of emails, but I’m learning that’s quite typical.