All About Our Think Bilingual Ambassador Program

All About Our Think Bilingual Ambassador Program
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Think Bilingual Ambassador Program

What’s the buzz about Think Bilingual Austin’s new Ambassador Program?

You might have heard recently about the new Think Bilingual Ambassador Program, and have some questions, so we’re here to tell you all about it!

Our mission/vision for the Ambassador Program at Think Bilingual Austin is to create a network of support for families and individuals to find necessary resources, guidance, and community in the respective language/s that they wish to either maintain or learn. The Ambassador Program puts faces to names by recruiting volunteer members of the community to serve as contacts to help guide individuals and families to resources and to foster community around the desired language.

Who Are These Ambassadors? Can I Get Involved?

A Think Bilingual Ambassador can be anyone who has a language they wish to share.  Our ambassadors are members of our communities who volunteer their time to help others find resources, discover tips for language learning and connect with other members in the community around the language/s of interest.  Ambassadors select  the specific language/s and age groups they wish to serve.  Depending on how much time an ambassador has, he/she may also form meet-up groups like the ATX Meetup: Spanish with your Kids.

How do I find or contact a Think Bilingual Ambassador?

Are you or your children learning a new language or need help maintaining your native language? You can connect with an Ambassador by searching our Think Bilingual Ambassador Directory by language and by joining the Think Bilingual Facebook Group for Think Bilingual Ambassador Support.  This is a new program and we are working to bring more volunteers to serve as ambassadors of their language.  If you do not find the language or target age group you are looking for, contact us at

Are you interested in becoming a Think Bilingual Ambassador?

We would love to speak with you about how you can get involved!  If you’re interested, or just want to learn more about the Think Bilingual Austin Ambassador Program, please contact: Brittany, at, make sure to title your e-mail ‘Ambassador’.

In your email, please Include:

  • What is the preferred name you would like to have listed.
  • Preferred contact information to be listed.
  • Please include a short biography about yourself – anything you want to be public knowledge about yourself.
  • Picture to go with biography.
  • Which language/s do you speak or have experience with and wish to support.
  • Target age group/s you wish to support.  Example: families with infants to 5 years; elementary age; middle school age; teens and young adults; adults/individuals.
  • Include what capacity you wish to support the families/individuals as an ambassador? Please select all that apply.
    • Organize meet-up groups around language learning for target age group.
    • Provide lists of resources and other ideas for language learning and cultural exchange.
    • Introduce members to others community members seeking to learn or maintain language.
    • Provide technical support for challenges faced when learning and/or maintaining language and culture.
Does the Language of Interest Matter?

Think Bilingual Austin values all languages and wishes to preserve and support all native and heritage languages.  By creating an Ambassador program, we hope to do just that.  Let us know what language you wish to support and we will help connect you with other members interested in that language.

How can I learn more?

After signing up to become an Ambassador by contacting, you will be invited to our first networking/information session for all new Think Bilingual Ambassadors.  This event will take place the last week of March and will discuss the roll-out of this program. Details coming soon!