Bilingualism in Children: Building their Career path for Better Job Opportunities

Post Contributor: Nina Bracho / NEUVOO, Strategic Alliance Coordinator for US;  Email:


bilingualism in childrenPerhaps you have heard the following a thousand times: globalization is today’s necessity, but it is likely that, as a parent, you have not given statement the attention it requires. Nowadays, more and more children are learning a second language in a high level of demand; however, you need to know what the real implications of learning a foreign language are when you do not know for sure how many advantages this is going to bring to your child, even if they start as preschoolers.

Many linguists say that learning a second language can improve not only your language skills, but it also gives you a whole better understanding of the world you live in, but how is this possible? Well, the truth is that when you learn a language, you do not only learn about the grammar, pronunciation or reading comprehension skills, because those can be considered as the “hardware” of the language. In fact, you learn more than that, what would be considered as the “software” of the language, which is build up from culture, gastronomy, economy, politics, society, people and a huge variety of things you would not consider as important as knowing all the tenses. Thus, this is the real key if you want your children to learn a foreign language and it is what is going to bring real value to them when they start building their career path.

Now, finding the perfect job or developing your career can sometimes be easy for some people and very hard for others, and it will always depend on the opportunities they create for themselves during their lives. Let us put it this way, imagine than when the time comes, your child is invited to apply for an amazing job opportunity, but the problem is this dream job is in a foreign country, and to make it more interesting, the candidates who are also applying are bilingual. Which one do you think will be more likely to get the job?

Needless to say, in addition to the working and educational skills, it would be mandatory for this person to speak the language if he/she wants to get it, and the competition level increases even more, leaving in clear disadvantage those ones who cannot speak the language. This is just an example of how much bilingualism can help your children build a career and have better life opportunities.

bilingualism in children 2Finally, it is imperative to say that all of us, in particular parents or parents-to-be, have the special mission of offering excellent and diverse choices for the future of today’s children, to give them with the necessary tools and the opportunity of being bilingual, because one day, they will grow up perfectly prepared for what the world has in store for them.

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