Katie McKay: Podcast Interview and Transcription

Katie McKay: Podcast Interview and Interview Transcription How parents, teachers and both private and public sectors can work together to support meaningful learning for diverse groups of students and build a greater sense of community together. Katie McKay – Introduction, Experience and Background Angela: Hi. Welcome. This is Angela Pack-Zia, from Think Bilingual Austin. Today […]

Understanding Bilingualism and Language Acquisition_Transcript of Interview with Dr. Alejandra Mielke

Dr. Alejandra Mielke Podcast Interviews In English and Spanish On March 21, Think Bilingual Austin posted our podcast interviews with Dr. Aljeandra Mielke. ┬áBecause the information Dr. Mielke provided was so insightful, we are bringing you a transcript of the podcast with headings to highlight the key points discussed. Realistic Expectations on Levels of Bilingualism […]

Podcast Series 2: Alejandra Mielke, Ph.D. in Bilingual and Biliteracy Education

┬áPodcast Series 2: Common Misconceptions Regarding Language Acquisition with special guest,   Alejandra Mielke, Ph. D. Bilingual and Biliteracy Development Educational Consultant Alejandra Mielke, Ph.D. and expert in language acquisition, shares her knowledge on the importance of setting realistic expectations in language learning and acquisition and why quality input and consistency in both the native […]