February 2016: News Roundup

February brings the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl brings great commercials! Enjoy this one with us!


Bilingual Benefits:

A recent Canadian study shows bilingual benefits in cognitive flexibility.

A write-up in Epilepsy Today highlights a study that shows that bilingualism may protect working memory in children with epilepsy.

However, the debate on whether bilingualism offers any definitive cognitive benefits continues and is laid out in a recent article in The Atlantic.

shutterstock_222109120                                                              Language Learning:

Adults, you are not too old to learn a new language; but rather, you may lack the time and motivation required according to this report in the Medical Daily.

Another article in the U.S. News suggests that some adults may learn a second language more easily than others due to differences in neurological connections in the brain.



shutterstock_221319616Bilingualism and Society:

Here is an interesting article that looks at our society’s negative response to bilingualism in U.S. Presidents and Presidential candidates.

On the other hand, the demand for bilingual educators in the U.S.A. continue to increase as explained in this article by Education Week.

Meanwhile in Europe, Portugal is listed as the country with the most bilingual students as a percentage of its population according to the Portugal News Online.