shutterstock_134721620All Ages:

Le Point du Fle is a website that works like a clearing house of many online resources to support learning French.  A site map is available in English, but it does require some knowledge of French to navigate and it is a bit cumbersome to find exactly what you are looking for.  Nonetheless, you can find a plethora of lessons, videos, games and more for a variety of ages through this site.

Learn French with Alexa , Learn French through Music and The French Minute are great youtube programs suitable for any age that you can subscribe to or use whenever you need to review specific vocabulary and phrases.

French Words for Kids HD app for iphone or ipad, while marketed for kids, can be used by anyone interested in learning French words, pronunciation and spelling.

French a La Carte offers online French lessons via Skype and a helpful blog with tips to help you learn French.  If you travel to Paris, French a La Carte’s teachers are there to personalize your French lessons so you can communicate more easily with the locals.


Preschool to 9 years:

Monde des Titounis  is a cartoon website in France with cartoon, videos, stories, songs and games in French.

shutterstock_196181048Elementary Age to Adult:

Frencheezee is a series of French lessons available through youtube.  The lessons are simple but practical.

TV5MONDE is an online program that can be used at home and in schools.  It promotes listening and comprehension through video clips of people interacting in real situations with comprehension exercises to do test your understanding.  It has various levels to choose from depending on the level of command one has in French. The instructions can also be accessed in a variety of languages, including English.  This online resource is best for older elementary students to adults. is a great online resource with exercises and explanations on pronunciation, vocabulary and more.  This is best suited for older elementary students to adults who are interested in learning French or may need extra tutoring in French.

The French Experiment has lots of free French lessons, expressions and other vocabulary useful in getting started with French.  It has has several  familiar children’s stories on audio to listen to which is useful for any age to help develop better comprehension.