Kukumi Montessori is 100% Spanish immersion striving to prepare children to become bilingual and bi-literate individuals. It is a rich and diverse multicultural education integrating the whole child guiding them to grow both in mind and body through an academically strong and creative unlimited, open curriculum and multi-age environment where they learn to live, live together, treat others with respect and appreciate the diversity.

The wilderness program is a nature-based program. Children spend one day each week outside playing creative games, role-playing wildlife, telling stories and journeying on quests for wisdom of the wilderness. We believe that what you earn, you learn, so we won’t give answers, but rather guide individuals in a direction while encouraging them to seek out the solution on their own.

Our mentoring philosophy is derived from ancient and native ways of teaching children in a natural community. Focusing on awareness of self, family and the local environment is the day to day education. Adventure and excitement are only the beginning. Students work together on scenario-based challenges in order to develop real world skills of hazard awareness, situation adaptability, group communication and teamwork for problem-solving.

For ages 3-6


Our Address:

1700 S Lamar Blvd #338, Austin, TX 78704, EE. UU.

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