We are a fun and diverse group of Korean culture enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds who invite you to join us in sharing in our common interest of All Things Korean. We love Korean music, food, dance, karaoke, language, culture, dramas, movies and so much more!

A lot of us are especially involved in the music scene, so if you’d like to join us and experience a Kpop concert or SXSW, come along!  We’ve been holding classes and learning Kpop dances since January.  Karaoke is always a fun, affordable and spontaneous activity open to all!   A few of us are teachers who have either taught in Korea or are planning to.  Many of us wish to travel to Korea so we may organize a group trip.  A few of us are also learning Korean formally at the Austin Korean School but we also have the privilege and offer the opportunity to take extra lessons from native speakers in our group.  If you just like to relax and get away, we plan to organize trips to King’s Spa & Water Park in Dallas.

We hope to create more events throughout the year so that everyone can find at least one thing they enjoy.

We have a lot of great events planned, including a Running Man race mission, so please keep checking back.

We look forward to meeting you and hanging out soon!

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