“Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy is a family owned Spanish at home preschool/daycare.  We offer a loving, small, and cozy environment.  Our philosophy is that every child is an individual ready to flourish and grow. Each child flourishes on his/ or her own time, and we are here to guide, support and foster that growth. The most important things we teach are to be kind, loving, and respectful and the more important gift they receive is love.

We offer a play, art, and education based curriculum delivered through a combination of large group activities, small group activities, and one-on-one work. We have a morning circle that varies day to day in order to keep our little ones engaged and learning. In addition, Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy offers math, science, play dough, art, puzzles, computers, blocks, and library and pretend and learn centers.  The activities are organized in a very organic and child lead centered environment. We do lots of music and movement to encourage the right-left brain connection. We utilize a number of proven curriculums and educational philosophies including Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence, Maria Montessori’s beliefs of child independence, Erik Erikson’s stages of child development, and Carl Rogers’ humanistic theory that all people are inherently good.”


Ages 4 months till 5 years old


Full Time and Part Time Options

1-5 Day Options

Mary Morales

(Owner and Director)


Keywords: Spanish Preschool, Southwest Austin

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