In ARTeSTUDIO we believe that art is a unique form of expression and that all of us have something to say through the different art media. We offer space and guidance so all can find themselves in art within a space of experimentation and exploration.

ARTeSTUDIO is our workplace, it is where we paint and create. We are a group of Latino artists who share the same space. We open our doors to all those who have aspirations in the plastic arts and conduct classes and special events. Our objective is to share the richness of the art world, as well as our philosophy, our way of understanding art, our creativity, and life itself in this micro-space which is a lab for searching and creating.

We speak Spanish. We believe that learning Spanish while doing artistic work is easier and a lot more fun; so, if you wish to learn or to practice your Spanish in a creative way, this too is your place.

We provide classes and events for ages 3 to adult. We invite you to explore our webpage and to contact us if you have a question:

Summer Camps:

Welcome to the 2019 summer camps!

We have new projects, games and surprises for this year at each of our camps offering different experiences to enjoy while learning, exploring and having fun creating art pieces employing different art techniques guided by experienced bilingual art teachers. The camps consist of small groups offered 100% in Spanish on a safe environment at Artestudio. Children who already speak Spanish will practice it and those who don’t will experience an excellent way of learning it.

Our camps are:

1. Create your own characters and their world of adventures

Join us for a wonderful summer camp where you will let your imagination and creativity go wild! You will create a character of your own and a world of adventure for it using multiple art techniques like drawing, animation, paper maché, recycled objects art, clay and paint while playing games and having fun!

Available dates:

Week of June 10th to the 14th – (Click here to signup for June 10th-14th)

Week of July 29th to August 2nd- (Click here to sign up for July 29th – Aug 2nd )

Both sessions are given Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm

We offer a snack but they can also bring their own lunch.

Cost: $185 per child per camp week.

We will only accept a total of 10 children per camp.*

*A minimum of 5 enrolled children is required for this camp to take place.


2. Getting to know the world through Art

Children will get to know the world by discovering some of the cultural and artistic treasures of Europe, Asia, Africa and the American continent through games, stories, fun activities and making Art. They will expand their horizons by creating their own art pieces inspired by wonderful places and artworks by master artists.

Week of June 17th to the 21st – (Click here to sign up for June 17th to the 21st )

Week of August 5th to the 9th – (Click here to sign up for Aug 5th to the 9th )


Session will be given Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm

We offer a snack but they can also bring their own lunch.

Cost: $185 per child.

We will only accept a total of 10 children per camp.*

*We require a minimum of 5 enrolled children for this camp to take place.


Our Address:

2101 South 1st St Suite D; Austin TX 78704


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2015-08-31 17:33:59
Two months later and my daughter is still talking about the ArteStudio camp and wishing she could do it all again. The small mixed age group created a wonderful dynamic atmosphere nurtured by Claudia, a very loving and gifted art teacher. Claudia spurred the children's creativity while teaching them about process and patience, both of which are required in making good art. And she did this all in Spanish. We look forward to making this camp a regular summer program!
2015-05-28 03:15:49
My son LOVED the ArteEstudio pre-hispanic art camp. He was excited to craft, but also very excited to learn folklore, stories and traditions of ancient Mexico. The camp fueled his interest of archaeology and gave him a wonderful opportunity to practice his Spanish. He loved the camp so much he tried attending regular classes throughout the year as an after school activity, but sadly had to discontinue because days were just too long and it was hard for him to concentrate for another hour on a school night evening. The instructors were warm, caring, engaging, and immediately made me feel like my son was safe in their space. Highly recommend!