Austin Dance India offers all levels of classes in traditional Bharata Natyam technique. Lessons begin with extensive time spent on practice of adavus, or series of steps, which are the building blocks of the dance. Along with this practical aspect, students learn theoretical terms in the form of Sanskrit verses from the text, Abhinaya Darpana. These verses contain explanation and detailed definitions of hand symbols, head and eye movements, positioning of the arms, stances, and more.

Students are expected to practice at home as they progress through the levels. The instructor will guide students and parents on how to develop a disciplined approach to a regular home practice that can make all the difference in a student’s progress.

ADI teaching philosophy emphasizes dance as a means of developing discipline, passion, self discovery, and mental focus. Instruction is based on thoughtfully developed approach by the Director that provides students with an opportunity to discover their own inner strengths as they progress. Although ADI’s students participate in community events and annual showcase, the emphasis is on learning/joy rather than performing/accolades. Each student can discover the strength, grace, beauty that lies within themselves as they go through the technique. This is the goal of ADI’s teaching philosophy.

Limited private lessons are also available to those who prefer an individualized program of study at an advanced level or an in depth look into particular aspects of the dance.


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