A Dual Language Program Following The Guidelines of the French Ministry of Education Curriculum

French School of Austin (or Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau) has provided an outstanding preparatory education to American, French and international students in Austin since 2005. Beginning at age 3, and continuing through Grade 8, our students thrive in a unique multicultural, multi-language learning environment where instruction is provided in French and English with an optional third Language Track for Arabic, Spanish or Mandarin courses.

The school curricula are based on the guidelines of the advanced French Ministry of Education international baccalaureate program, a curriculum world renowned for its rigor and strength in preparing students for high school, university and beyond. This French program is supplemented by the es­sential elements advanced in American private-school education. This dual approach produces academically-adept, bilingual students, pro­ficient in both English and French.

This comprehensive curriculum is taught in reduced class sizes, tailored to the students’ needs, by highly qualified teachers. The program is enriched by a performing arts and music string program. The flexible curriculum follows the learning style and type of intelligence of each student to fit his or her needs, rather than the student fitting the needs of the curriculum. This allows the students to reach their full academic potential at an early age.

While traditional education typically relies on teachers presenting information to students who passively receive it, we believe that an active pedagogy, where the students are actively engaged through a compelling, interactive and dynamic curriculum, fosters intrinsic motivation, self-direction, and the ability to learn how to learn.

Through the multilingual curriculum and international exposure, our school students develop their intellect and character in a bilingual and bi-cultural environment, and are better prepared for their future in a multicultural workforce and global environment. As our world becomes fully interconnected, succeeding in the 21st century will require new ways of thinking, strong language skills and an open mind. Speaking other languages and understanding other cultures is an undeniable need for tomorrow’s world.

French Immersion Summer Camps 2020:

During the month of June, Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau opens its door to non-JJR students for 2 to 4 weeks for its French Summer Camp. In June 2019, we’re offering three weeks of camp from June 3 to 21 for students age 3 to 10.

You can’t afford or can’t send your child to France for an immersion summer camp? Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau offers fully immersed summer programs without having to cross the Atlantic. Run by experienced and qualified Native Speakers and teachers known for their education, enthusiasm and experience, our summer camps are built on 30 years of experience of academic excellence and expertise in developing effective language immersion programs for all levels.

Our summer camps are divided into age-based group abilities, depending on the age and number of our enrolled campers. Summer camps combines the French curriculum workshops and art based activities. Each summer camp week includes a combination of academic French curriculum workshops and art based camp activities on weekly basis (Painting, Printing, Sculpting and Drawing).

Collective Cultural Games and Psychomotricity courses are indoors and outdoors activities that supplement the French curriculum

Campers age 3-5 can join our *maternelle* level with no French required. Children age 6 and up must be French speakers to join our higher level June classes.

Summary of 2020 June Summer Camp:

Dates: During the month of June, 2020

Hours: 8:15 AM – 3:00 PM

After Camp Hours: 3:00 PM- 5:30 PM

Campers 3-5 years old: No French required.

Campers 6-10 years old: Current or previous French exposure required.

Cost: $300/week – $50/week for after camp care.

Minimum enrollment of 2 weeks – 2 Weeks Deposit.

Address: 11607 North Lamar Blvd


Email for inquiries:

Phone number: 512-339-6000

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Our Address:

11607 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753


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2018-12-21 12:12:52
This is our third year now at the school, starting in pre-K and K for our 2 children. They enjoy school so much and treasure the relationships with their teachers and friends. We are not native French speakers but our kids now can understand and speak French at an age-appropriate level. One of my good friends from France came to visit and was reading with my daughter. He said her accent and even the reading mistakes she made were no different from his niece of the same age! We have been so impressed with the academic rigor of the French standards, as well as the emphasis on incorporating art, music and physical activity into their lessons and routine. We definitely recommend this school if looking for a language immersion experience for your child!
2018-05-16 16:26:27
This is a fantastic school. My children have been going here for about 9 months now and I have seen amazing results. They came in knowing zero French and now can speak sentences to me and often will use French phrases and directives as they play! They enjoy school, and I feel like they are kept busy with meaningful learning all day. I love the small class sizes, as well. I enjoy the other parents in the school as we all seem to have similar goals for our children. The director is very passionate about education and that emanates through the teachers, as well. Would definitely recommend if dual (or multiple!) language is important to you for your child's education.