Cielito Lindo Spanish Immersion Preschool in North Austin

Our Philosophy

At Cielito Lindo we believe that a quality early childhood education is the key to developing future lifelong learners. We believe that exposure to a second language education in a multicultural environment at an early age will help children develop the tools necessary to succeed in today’s diverse society.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide high quality early childhood bilingual education in a safe and fun learning environment where all children feel loved, respected and valued, while supporting  their individual language, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Cielito Lindo is a home based bilingual preschool/daycare designed to meet the needs of children ages 18 months to 12 years old. We strive to provide children with the love, safety and attention that they need to achieve their dreams. All of our programs are Spanish immersion with some classes in Mandarin and English depending on the age group.

Our Programs


Our daycare program is a Spanish play-based program where children have the opportunity to be engaged in sensory play, music, art, language, fine and gross motor activities. At an early age children learn through their senses, this happens even before they can speak or reason. We focus on providing children with experiences that will enhance their senses by exploring different objects and materials. In addition, children learn by playing together with other children, they build their social, emotional skills, self-control, and language skills.

Preschool (3-6 years)

Our preschool program is designed to prepare children for their primary education. At Cielito Lindo our goal is to help children develop their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills in a rich language environment. Teachers will facilitate learning, they will use rich Spanish vocabulary and concepts to help children develop language and cognitive skills. Research has proven that an early childhood development has a direct effect on the overall development of an adult.


2020 Summer Camp (2-12 years)

Our Summer Camp offers a variety of project based activities. Students worked cooperatively while they learn Spanish in a structured setting and play-based instruction. Field trips are a unique part of our summer camp experience. They will be engaged in learning through music, dramatic play, physical activities, and hands-on activities that will promote the use of language and Spanish vocabulary.

Maria E. Dominguez, M.Ed.




Our Address:

704 Sandpiper Ave. Austin, TexaS 78753


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