Hind Louali: Think Bilingual Ambassador
  • Language support: French and Arabic
  • Target age group/s: Elementary and Middle School Age Children

Bio: Dr. Hind Louali is the founder and the director of Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the French School of Austin, a French specialized language immersion institution, following the general guidelines of the French Ministry of Education, with an integrated French music and performing arts program. The school supports an internal preschool, elementary and middle school, and has been serving residents of greater Austin, Texas, for more than 12 years. Hind has a doctorate and a Ph.D in medicine. After few years in her career, she founded the school, with her parents, a family of educators and curriculum development professionals with a wealth of experience in education, and in language immersion programs. Hind speaks several languages, and she was raised in a trilingual and multicultural environment throughout her schooling and adult life. She is a passionate advocate for bilingualism and multiculturalism, believing that, the ability to speak and understand more than one language has more than just language skills at skate, but also additional cognitive, academic, social and employment benefits. 

In what capacity does Hind support families as a Think Bilingual Ambassador:
  • Introduce interested families to other language speaking community members,
  • Provide ideas on resources that can be used for language learning.


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