“Our program is packed with enriching, child-directed and group activities that will provide children with an opportunity to learn Spanish experientially in an engaging and nurturing environment. La Tribu is a place for your child to explore, play, work, interact and live in Spanish.

La Tribu provides the highest quality of early education and care based on a Montessori inspired curriculum.  We are open between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday September – May, and we have a Summer Camp Program during June, July and August. We serve children age 18 months to 6 years. The center is divided into one toddler room (Salon Azul) ages 18 months to 3 years and one preschool room (Salon Verde) ages 3-6 years old. We have a stellar playground, a large shaded back porch and a very large classroom that we use for napping, special classes and activities.

“El propósito de La Tribu es proporcionar un ambiente que anima a cada niño a desarrollar su máximo potencial. La Tribu ofrece la más alta calidad en educación temprana, con un plan de estudios totalmente original inspirado en la pedagogía Montessori.

Estamos abiertos entre las horas de 8:00 am y 4:00 pm, de lunes a viernes, de Septiembre a Mayo y tenemos un programa de verano durante los meses de Junio, Julio y Agosto. Servimos a niños de 18 meses a 6 años de edad. El centro se divide en un Salón Azul para las edades de 18 meses a 3 años y un Salón Verde, o preescolar, para niños entre 3-6 años de edad. Tenemos un parque/jardín estelar para que los niños jueguen afuera,  un gran porche techado y mucha sombra.”

Other programs at La Tribu:

Cocinando en Tribu for parents/caregivers and young children:

Click on the pdf to learn details: COCINANDOSPRING

Literarte at La Tribu for children ages 6-9 years old.

Click on the pdf to learn details: LITERARTESPRING

Para inscripciones escríbenos a latribupreschool@gmail.com

Parent/Caregiver Classes with Preschoolers: “Cocinando en Tribu”

“Cocinando en Tribu” is not a Spanish nor a cooking class, it is a space where to learn a new recipe each time while practicing conversation, following instructions and gaining vocabulary in Spanish (with an Spaniard accent!). Each adult plays the teachers role to their own children with regard to cooking techniques, those being appropriate for the age as: beating, cutting, peeling, chopping, grating, mixing, spreading, etc. The class is guided by a teacher who gives instruction only in Spanish modeling each step of the recipe. Duration and format: 45 minutes. Capacity for 10 couples (parent / grandparent / friend / nanny or guardian with a child). Participants will find all the materials needed beginning the class and will contribute with the cleaning of utensils upon completion. Everyone takes home what they prepared and also tastes in class.


Special Guest Events/Workshops with Parents & Children:

Magdalena Fleitas.jpg*Join Magdalena Fleitas to her RONDA! A circle time in Spanish to learn how to incorporate music and play at home with your kids. An interactive experience of music, connection and laughter. — Saturday, August 31st, 2019; 10 am & 3:30 pm

*Meant for anybody related to infancy. In this 4-hour workshop, Magdalena Fleitas will guide us in a theoretical and practical journey through the pedagogy of her authorship “Musicalizar”. From her school, “Risas de la Tierra” located in Buenos Aires, Magdalena proposes tools for teaching/learning and connecting with children through MUSIC. Her techniques range from games, recreational activities, improvisation and vocal techniques to different group dynamics like recognizing sound frames, song rituals, listening and the initiation to music. To recognize our own voice and resonate with the collective voice. — Friday, August 30, 2019; 4 pm – 8 pm

For more information, please click: https://www.latribupreschool.com/magdalena-fleitas-en-austin



2019 Spanish Immersion Summer Camp Schedule:

Click Here for More Information

Ages: 3- 6 years

Registration open.  Click on website link to register: http://www.latribupreschool.com




For more information: Contact latribupreschool@gmail.com


Our Address:

12412 Tomanet Trail; Austin, TX 78758


Leave a review

Nora Deveny-Valiela
2017-08-25 01:48:42
La Tribu is a gem of a school. I am a Montessori teacher, so I was looking for a Montessori program for my daughter, and I couldn't believe the luck I had to find a program that also fused with Spanish immersion! I speak Spanish at home with her, but with no family living nearby, this has been a huge support for her language development. I love the fact that there is a combination of Spanish speaking and English speaking children, and they all bond and learn language together. The directors are also wonderful. They are super involved and spend a lot of time with the children and the other teachers. They are so loving with the kids, and my daughter loves to come to school every day.
Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Austin
2017-08-14 04:02:02
La Tribu is the place to go if you are looking for people who care and try their very best every day. Carolina is 100% dedicated and invested in her Tribu and always looking for ways to improve all areas of the Preschool. This is probably the best Spanish immersion preschool there is in Austin for the tiny ones. I offer a music program at La Tribu and love how most kids can understand and speak Spanish without having any Spanish background at home!
Marrilee Archer
2017-08-05 16:07:34
We are not Spanish speakers at home but were sold on Montessori training for our daughter. When I found La Tribu, the addition of another language seemed like a great idea. And when I toured the school and met the Director O was absolutely sold - of the five other schools I had toured this easily was the most exciting. And we have not been disappointed. My daughter started part time at 18 months and couldn't wait to go full time. She LOVES school and we love the confidence we see in her, the incredible staff, the wonderful community. I cannot think of a thing I would change and we are so lucky to be part of the school.
2017-08-04 01:15:58
My daughter has been enrolled at La Tribu since it opened in January 2016. We have had a great experience at this preschool. While there have been several changes since we started there, it only keeps getting better. It was very important for me to find a Spanish Immersion preschool so my daughter could use her Spanish outside the home. The fact that it is Montessori inspired was a wonderful bonus! We're so happy to be a part of this community!