Current Classes:
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TuesdayConversational Spanish with Gustavo Simplis
Intermediate Level, 
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm 

Wednesday: with Orazzio Loayza   
Spanish for Beginners,  6:30 pm – 7:30 pm 
About the classes:
Spanish class for beginners
If you’ve never taken Spanish before this is the class for you. Join this personal and interactive Spanish program, taught by native speakers. The class will insert different types of teaching modalities, group dynamics, interaction and pedagogical techniques. The goal of this course is to learn the Spanish language in an open, free, relaxed and fun environment.

Pre-Intermediate Spanish
Extend your knowledge beyond basic grammar and vocabulary into scenario-based “ronda de conversación”– with a
ll the great cultural discussions and grammar reinforcement.”

Conversational Spanish
Get more comfortable talking and listening! Interesting and dynamic group activities: chat, read articles, watch movies, lean about cultures where Spanish is spoken,  etc. Improve your understanding of the Spanish language.

Who should do it:
Any one who is looking to learn or improve their Spanish.
Those who have never taken lessons or those who h
ave but have never felt comfortable enough to speak it.
Come on down– and off the record: these are really fun classes!!

What to wear, what to bring:
Bring a pencil and paper if you want to take some notes to take home with you.
Wear something interesting to spark up a conversation!

Activities for students: 
Improve your Spanish at our “Noche de Pelicula” or “Tarde de Documental

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