the Language Spanish classes for adults are thoroughly interactive, personalized, and customized to match your needs, interests, and proficiency. Our classes are designed for you attain fluency in Spanish within a cultural context.

In our Spanish classes we make the language accessible, relevant, and memorable.  Because as adults we rely on logic and memory to learn a new language, it makes sense to be introduced to a new rule or new concept of Spanish in a frame of reference we understand. In Live the Language classes we teach Spanish from the English perspective. We look at Spanish and English grammar side by side. This method of learning gives you confidence and a solid base to apply and implement your Spanish when you have the opportunity to immerse in the language whether through one of our interactive dialogues, your own life situations, or our journeys to Latin America.

Live the Language classes have speaking, reading, and writing components, allowing you to develop oral and written expression as well as listening and reading comprehension. To maximize the time students speak in Spanish, our classes are small– no more than six students– and begin with a conversational component that increases in length as you advance through levels of fluency.

Live the Language offers daytime and evening Spanish classes for adults. Please consult our scheduleto find the class that best fits your schedule. We believe that Live the Language is the right program for you if you want to speak Spanish. That’s why we offer all of our potential students  try-out class, free of obligation. Please contact us to book your first class.

2020 Spanish Immersion Summer Camp

Every summer Live the Language offers a variety of Spanish immersion camps for ages 5 to 12, with each camp customized to your child’s level of Spanish. Give your children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Spanish language by living the language. During this time, children practice yoga, have an interactive cooking class, sing popular songs, read stories, play games, perform theatrical skits, have drawing and writing activities in Spanish, and much more! We serve delicious, freshly prepared breakfast and lunch with mostly organic products. Each camp is offered to a limited number of students, so please register as far in advance as possible. Registration opens on January 15th, 2020.

Through Live the Language Camps, students new to Spanish acquire the tools and foundation to confidently continue to explore the Spanish language. Students with previous Spanish experience also benefit from Live the Language camps by reinforcing their current knowledge in Spanish and attaining new levels of fluency. Our camps put vocabulary and key phrases in real context, making Spanish relevant, practical, and fun.

Our camps build fluency, so it is very beneficial for children to take multiple sessions over the summer. When students take two or more sessions over the summer, it gives them an incredible level of comfort and command over the language.

Summer 2020 Camp ScheduleSESSION I: June 1-12: Ages 5-9
SESSION II: June 15-26: Ages 7-12
SESSION III: July 6-17: Ages 7-12
SESSION IV: July 20- 31: Ages 5-9
SESSION V: August 3-14: Ages 5-9 Cost: $575/session (breakfast and lunch included)

Time: 8:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m., Mon-Fri  (Optional Early Pick-up: 2:00pm)
Live the Language camps meet at “La escuelita mexicana,” located in Cherry Creek
(7 minutes from South Central Market).

Download our registration packet.

If you want a glimpse into our camps check out our video:
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Joanne Delacruz
2018-04-19 02:04:02
I took classes with Deidre and she is amazing! I went from NOTHING to being able to converse with my Mexican in-laws. My kids also had an amazing time with the camp.
Jessica Drew
2018-02-08 04:26:24
This is THE BEST CAMP. Great teachers, great food, great time!
Alfred Montrose
2016-06-19 07:45:25
My two boys went to this camp last summer. Amazing! They loved the games and the food! Deidre is an incredible teacher!