Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® is currently the best-reviewed baby and toddler class in Austin with over 100 fiver-star reviews online. They also won the “Best place for babies and toddlers in Austin” in 2019 and are one of the most demanded programs in town.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa® is the only program that combines Spanish, Sign Language, movement, early childhood development, and conscious parenting into one fun and super engaging class with original music that is pleasant for all ages.

They offer mix-age classes for children 0 to 5 years old and baby classes for children from birth to 15 months old.

Learn More: https://www.micasastucasa.com


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2110 White Horse Trail Ste B. Austin TX 78757

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Danielle B.
2019-02-18 04:43:45
My kids and I love this music class! It's hard to find an activity that both of my children can do together and this is perfect. My children are now 2 and 4 and I've been going since they were less than 1 and 2 1/2. Also, SPANISH!! Laura is so wonderful and caring w/ the children and parents, I'm learning right along w/ my children. And I'm getting to see my oldest child not only understanding but responding to Laura IN Spanish. She creates variety and structure within each class doing upbeat, gross motor songs, then having everyone sit and use sign language for the next song. It creates balance (and rest). Try a demo class if you aren't sure. I missed one session b/c I wanted to try another activity with my kids and regretted it.
Sarah Frias
2019-02-14 03:03:55
I cannot agree enough with what everyone has said! Laura the instructor is amazing! She has so much passion and enthusiasm for what she does. I was looking for a way to help my daughter pick up Spanish and just be exposedand this class hits that and so much more! From music basics to sign language. When you sign up you get a book with all the songs and a cd with the songs (she can also send you the files). The songs are catchy, fun, and educational. Classes are small and Laura gets to know each family. I love these classes so much and can’t wait for my baby girl to continue growing with Laura!
2019-02-11 22:32:21
When I attended one of the demos for Mamacanta and saw how much my child enjoyed it, I was determined to enroll her for the following session and it has absolutely held up to our expectations! The class includes singing in Spanish, movement, and sign-language, all in a clean and welcoming environment. Now as soon as we jump in the car, my little one signs to play the music every time! Even my husband and I have started singing the songs randomly throughout the day, lol!
Nu Chanpheng
2018-05-31 23:01:14
Mama Canta is such a well designed program. My 17 months old and I had a lot of fun in class. After two classes, he would clap his hands to the rhythm of songs from the program. He would initiate for me to sign for him using ASL he learned from the class. After every class, my heart filled with happiness from fun music and knowing that my son is on his way to speak Spanish. It didn’t seem like he interacted much in class but in the car, first thing, he would ask me to turn on the music from the class and at home he would dance to the music and other music too! We love the program!
Lisa F
2018-05-31 20:59:14
We started when our little one is about 6 months old. Teaching different languages at young age is developmentally very important and I find that learning them in music is a great idea. My little one at first was shy and didn’t know what to do since it was totally different environment but then several sessions later he started ‘butt dancing’, playing musical instruments and interacting with other babies. I was really surprised to see his progress such as moving/feeling the beats with his body and vocalizing whenever we sing. As a music educator myself, I respect how Ms. Laura teaches and interacts with the kids/babies. Even though the classes are for the babies/kids, we learned basic Spanish words as well. We will (as time permits) definitely participate again and highly recommend to others.
2018-02-23 22:16:14
Mi Casa Es Tu Casa - Spanish, Music, Fun for little ones. This is hands down one of the best investments you can make in your little one. They learn Spanish while simultaneously learning music, rhythm and dancing. My daughter was about 18 mos when we started and she loved it. The instructor/owner Laura Bruce is incredible. I was pregnant and she would even carry my toddler for some songs. Of course my girl fell in love with Laura too. We will definitely be taking another class this spring. The Mueller location is super easy to get to from our area. I have a degree in Spanish and I highly recommend this program for language acquisition as well as just good old fun and bonding with your little one. It may seem pricey but I swear Laura Bruce is worth every penny - try a free demo and you'll see. We use the CD in the car all the time and my now 2yr old sings some of the songs - it's remarkable! More info on website: https://www.micasastucasa.com
2017-09-26 17:05:59
I love watching how Laura interacts with the kids and engages them and the parents in singing in Spanish. She has the perfect temperament that draws the kids in. She uses movements, body language and props to convey the meaning of the songs they are singing.