Pep Ruckpanich: Think Bilingual Ambassador

Language support: Thai, English, Mandarin Chinese

Target age group/s: Families, children from infants to teenagers, young adults, and older adults

Bio: Pep Ruckpanich was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, however, attended boarding schools since the 7th grade. He is fluent in Thai, English, and Mandarin Chinese, which he learned in high school! He is an entrepreneur and investor who loves traveling, hacking consciousness, squash, meeting new people, and spreading good vibes.

In what capacity do you support families as a Think Bilingual Ambassador: Pep is excited to help facilitate meet-up groups around language learning for his chosen target age groups, to provide lists of resources and other ideas for language learning and cultural exchange, to introduce members to other community members seeking to learn Thai, and to provide technical support for challenges faced when learning and/or maintaining language and culture.



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