SPANISH / ENGLISH CAMP FOR GIRLS / PARA CHICAS 

Join Camp Amigas for our 16th summer! Camp Amigas is a blast! We cook and eat really great food, learn Latin American and Spanish dances, create art, play Lotería using new vocabulary, make Oaxacan hair braids, and have hot sauce tasting contests. We use both English and Spanish, so girls on any speaking level in either language feel comfortable. 

Camp Amigas takes place in our home in central Austin near Casis, Bryker Woods, and St. Andrew’s. Our camp is offered to girls entering grades 1 – 6, and campers come from schools all over town. Last summer, there were girls from 27 different schools! Many campers return every summer. 

Campers learn about a different Spanish-speaking country each day, so at the end of the week, the campers have been exposed to the food, music, art, and vocabulary of 5 countries. Each day we have a guest speaker who tells the campers what it was like to grow up and/or live/study/volunteer in a Spanish-speaking country. In past years, the campers have learned how to cook plantains (from a Cuban friend), how to make their own toys (from a friend who grew up in Costa Rica), how to carry a jug of water on their head (from a friend who was volunteering in a small town in Guatemala), and how to dance Chilean salsa and bachata from the Dominican Republic. 

Each session there are 4-15 FUN counselors who are either bilingual or on their way to being bilingual. The ratio of campers to counselors/assistants is very good. (Last years it was 2 to 1!) Many of last year’s counselors will be joining us again in 2020! 

After camp each day, girls are invited to swim as guests at my mom’s house which backs up to ours. All the counselors will be there, as well as a life guard. 

                               Camp Amigas sessions 2020 

SESSION I : June 22-26, 12:30 – 4:30 p.m. $400. Aftercare available 4:30 – 5:30. ($50)

SESSION II : June 29 – July 3, 12:30 – 4:30 p.m. $400. Aftercare available 4:30 – 5:30. ($50) 

Each week of camp will be different from the others, so join us for both weeks! There is a discount of $25 for each sibling attending Camp Amigas. Scholarships are offered, as well as the chance to donate toward another child’s camp fees. 60 percent of our campers were given full or partial scholarships last summer, thanks to the generosity of parents of campers and my friends. If you would be willing to help with a scholarship for another child, please let me know. 

To guarantee your daughter’s spot, please send a check made out to “Kathryn Anderson”. You may email me at or call me for the address. (512 477 1513) I will then send you a registration form. Your spot will be guaranteed when I receive your check. I hope you can join us!

Kathryn Miller Anderson Tutoring and enrichment in most subjects for pre K-12th, Tutoring in Spanish  for all ages, ISEE prep for those applying to 4th-6th, ,, 512 694 4977 or 512 477 1513


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Karen O'Quin
2016-04-08 01:18:07
My two granddaughters have loved attending Camp Amigas for the past three summers. They talk about there experiences often. My oldest can't wait to be a counselor and the youngest loves everything about it. I recommend the Camp Amigas experience highly!
2016-04-02 02:05:11
I have two daughters who both went to camp and then became counselors there each and every summer for the past eight years. They loved camp and love being counselors. Kathryn fosters a unique environment of learning and social interaction among a diverse population of young girls who walk away from camp each year enriched. Most important to me and my daughters is the special way Kathryn makes young girls and young woman feel empowered and important. She does this by modeling that very behavior herself all the while maintaining an atmosphere of compassion. And, of course the most important reason that I sent my daughters there was to be exposed to concept of the larger world that we live in by learning about language and culture.
Sarah Klein Masterson
2016-03-30 16:54:31
Camp Amigas is one of my family's all-time favorite Austin traditions. My children have attended a number of summer camp programs over the years, but Camp Amigas stands out as the most unique and among the most rewarding. My daughter was a CA camper for six consecutive years until she "graduated" this past summer, often attending more than one session each summer and always coming away with fun memories, new friends, new interests and skills, and great stories. Kathryn Anderson and her team of counselors are such passionate, gifted, and loving leaders for this experience. Highly recommend!