“YPW Spanish Immersion School is a Spanish Immersion day care and school for infants to Kindergarten and after school children. Our core curriculum is designed to spark and maintain children’s interest in Spanish by engaging them in intelligent, creative and enjoyable activities such as math, science and technology, dancing, singing, cooking, art projects, games and many more.

“YPW offers beginner to advanced level Full-Immersion Spanish workshops for young people from preschool to high school age. “Full-Immersion” means the workshops, including all instructions and activities, are conducted entirely in Spanish.

Now offering Spanish Classes and Tutoring for High School and Adults

Chiquitos Ages 3 to 5 – Mommy and Me Spanish Workshop

Chicos: Ages 5 to 12

Muchachos: Ages 12 – 18
with optional AP Spanish test and SAT subject Spanish test preparation

Adults: Ages 18+



Our Address:

8014 Mesa Drive; Austin, TX 78731


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2015-08-31 17:47:22
We signed up for the all day Spanish camp and were extremely disappointed. It is a new location and maybe they are still working out their system. However, I found teacher turnover high, moral low, an inability to effectively manage the classrooms in a positive way, inadequate lessons and activities and very little Spanish actually being taught or used for a camp that is supposed to be "Spanish Immersion."