Multicultural Activity for December_Celebrations of Light

Multicultural Activity for December_Celebrations of Light
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Celebrations of Light_Multicultural Activities for December

Celebrations of Hope, of Light overcoming Darkness, of Good overcoming Evil, and of Family and Giving to Others

Celebrate the joy and beauty of the season with a broader understanding of the importance of light in our own festivities and of that in celebrations around the world.   Click on the Celebrations of Light Printables for activities and information on various celebrations and traditions that are centered around light.


Highlight the Celebration of Light with your children by making a candle holder out of clay and mosaics.

What you will need:
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Tea Light
  • Mosaics or beads of choice

Provide the child with a ball of soft air-dry clay.  Allow them to press it down and to shape it into a desired shape.

Instruct the child to press the tea light into the clay to provide a opening in the mold for the tea light placement when dry.

Decorate the clay with mosaics or beads.  Make sure that they are pressed into the clay well enough so that they do not come out easily after the clay has dried.

Remove the tea light to allow for drying.  Let the clay candle holder sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours or until completely dry.

Once dry, place a tea light inside and enjoy!  You may also choose to put in an electronic tea light instead of a real candle for young children to enjoy.