Multilingual & Multicultural Activity of the Month _The Harvest/La Cosecha

Multilingual & Multicultural Activity of the Month _The Harvest/La Cosecha
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Multilingual & Multicultural Activity of the Month

The Harvest/La Cosecha


This month we take time to remember what we are most thankful for.

Social gatherings have always centered around food, no matter what country or society you are from.  For agricultural based communities worldwide, harvest time, when food is most abundant, has always been an extra special time for families and communities to come together to celebrate, express gratitude for their harvest and begin preparations for the long period until the next harvest season.   This month, we celebrate this tradition of Thanksgiving with fun multicultural and multilingual activities that are fun for the entire family.

Click on the link below to download the Harvest/La Cosecha activity file by Think Bilingual Austin.


Included in the pdf file are:

  • Picture cards for common harvest words in Spanish and in English.  Use these cards to make a fun memory game, flashcards, and bilingual labels for your Thanksgiving feast!
  • Legends and history of corn dolls/corn dollies from Native American and European folklore. Human artistic expression, stories that give our lives meaning and the connection we have to the food that sustains us are part of our shared multicultural experience. 
  • Activity sheet in Spanish & English to write or draw inside the pumpkin what you give thanks for this harvest season. Share with other what you are most thankful for this season!

Craft idea of the month to go with the activity set:  Make a Corn Doll!