Speech Pathology Master’s Programs website provides a bilingual speech pathology resource guide for parents of bilingual children. “Because the process of learning two or more languages as a child is different than just learning one, many bilingual children are either diagnosed as having speech or language issues that they do not have, or have a real speech issue that is overlooked. This guide takes parents through some of the normal characteristics of bilingual speech acquisition as well as signs of speech disorders.

 Infancia y Educación is a website produced by Elizabeth García, a pedagogue with years of experience.  Here she shares ideas, proposals and reflections about childhood and childhood education and knowledge and experience by other professionals in the field.

logo-horiz alfa (2) Infancia y Educación es una página web producida por Elizabeth García, una pedagoga con años de experiencia. Aquí comparte ideas, propuestas y reflexiones acerca de la educación de la infancia y la niñez y el conocimiento y la experiencia de otros profesionales en el campo.

RETO BILINGÜE: Somos la comunidad de padres hispanos educando a hijos bilingües alrededor del mundo, promovemos la educación bilingüe y multicultural desde el nacimiendo del niño, ofrecemos recursos, consejos y experiencias de familias para apoyar la crianza bilingüe.

  Multilingual Matters is a website based in the United Kingdom that features books and articles covering on various aspects of being multilingual.

“COERLL’s mission is to produce and disseminate Open Educational Resources (OER) for the Internet public (e.g., online language courses, reference grammars, assessment tools, corpora, etc.)… COERLL seeks to promote a culture of collaboration that lies at the heart of the Open Education movement.”

Mamás por el mundo  es una consultora para madres que viven lejos de su país.  En su página podrá encontrar información útil y servicios para acompañarse en todo el proceso de su expatriación en familia.

Multilingual Parenting is a website by blogger and author, Rita Rosenback.  Her site provides various Q&A about raising multilingual children in addition to blogs from various contributors.

Bilingual Kids Rock by Olena Centeno provides helpful tips and information on raising bilingual children.  She also has a great podcast with interesting interviews and insights for strengthening relationships and promoting language learning.

Bilingual Monkeys is a website by blogger, teacher and author, Adam Beck.  He provides tips and information as well as perspective taking in raising bilingual children.