shutterstock_246956266Online Resources to supplement language learning for all ages:

Paka Paka is a free online educational resource from Argentina that provides a variety of music, videos, television programs and stories in Spanish for preschool to Middle school age children.

Canto Alegre‘s website offers free music, videos and stories in Spanish and select songs in Portuguese for children 10 and under.

Mamalingua Lite and PremiumPractice and learn Spanish with your child with MamaLingua for iPhone!  With categories like bathing, playing, reading, and sleeping, MamaLingua includes words and phrases you use every day with your young child. Build the foundation for language-learning with your little one, while you learn or improve your language skills alongside your child. Bonus! MamaLingua features English-to-Spanish AND Spanish-to-English translation.

Speekee. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Speekee for young children.  The creator, Jim Porter, had huge success with his first videos. and has now created programs to use for both home and school.  They great for ages 2 to 8.  Online fee to use.

  Fabulingua is a downloadable interactive story-telling application.  Its primary target is preschool to elementary age; however, even adults learning Spanish would find this app fun and helpful.  “Our unique method is designed to introduce the new language in a way that subconsciously develops the child’s ear, comprehension and reading skills. This approach leads to a more natural wiring of the brain to the new language in a way that is effective but feels effortless (and fun!)”

shutterstock_196321655Elementary Age to Adult:

Cuentos Para Dormir is a free educational website designed to teach children values through stories.  The stories are written by a father and author from Spain.  The stories are written in Spanish.  Some of the stories are also translated into English.

Aprender Español and EduTeach seemed to be interlinked with lots of exercises, vocabulary, videos and stories for all ages.  The variety of content level is intermixed, so you may have to peruse a bit to find what you want for your target age and level.

ISLCollective (Internet Second Language Collective) offers free online educational resources in Spanish for Elementary age students.

Formespa has free songs in Spanish and activities for older children and adults who have a certain level of command for the language.

Speak Spanish BA offers courses, lessons through songs and other fun ways to learn Spanish, many of these services are free.  This is geared for older kids to adults and is a great way for someone who has knowledge of the language to learn more. is a free website for teachers teaching Spanish as a second language.  It contains lots of activities and lesson plans that can be used at home as well.  To effectively navigate the site, one should have some knowledge of the Spanish.

Marcoele is an online learning magazine for Spanish as a Second Language.  It includes language learning concepts through stories, interviews, and activities that can be done with songs and movies.  The songs and movies that the activities go with are not necessarily on the site.

In addition to the language learning app based on daily routines and activities,the founders of MamaLingua  have also created an online community to help parents find resources to help parents promote Spanish language learning with young children.  MamaLingua offers bilingual Spanish books that you can purchase online.  They now have a new channel on Spotify to find music in Spanish for children.

shutterstock_184781492TV Shows on Netflix that are also available in Spanish:

Magic School Bus

Cat in the Hat

Lego Cartoons

Veggie Tales in the House

Disney Movies & Programs