The educational value of libraries

Posted by Elizabeth García. INFANCIA Y EDUCACIÓN
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When you think about a library, what is the first image that comes to your mind?

Why  libraries are so important in our society?

15 characteristics that make (or should make!) libraries a great place for children and their families:

  • 1. Public and free admission for everybody without distinction of any kind.
  • 2.  Accessible and inclusive.
  • 3.  Creates and strengthens reading habits.
  • 4.  It encourages curiosity, imagination and creativity.
  • 5.  It promotes and facilitates access to knowledge.
  • 6.  Promotes cultural diversity.
  • 7. Promotes values ​​of respect, peace and tolerance.
  • 8.  Benefits autonomy and responsibility for children through the loan system.
  • 9.  Sorts resources by different age/maturity levels and interests.
  • 10. It includes access to new technologies.
  • 11. It offers a variety of resources in different languages.
  • 12. It offers different types of resources (books, magazines, comics, audiovisual material, DVDs, CDs …)
  • 13. It includes complementary activities and offers services of interest to children and adults.
  • 14. It supports educational work of families and educators.
  • 15. It has an attractive design and natural light.
Enjoy them with children and find out everything that the library has to offer!