#ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign

#ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign
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#ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign

This month we are launching our #ThinkBilingual Public Voice Campaign to raise awareness of the value of linguistic diversity and multicultural exchange.  Public funding for language learning programs, bilingual education and dual language programs is constantly under threat with budget cuts and policies that devalue the learning of languages other than English continue to erode public support for language learning and bilingualism.

Show your public support for language learning, the maintaining of native languages, intercultural exchange and multicultural understanding.


  • Take a picture of you or you and your family and share!  Post on Instagram or other social media why you #ThinkBilingual.
    • thinkbilingualaustin  

      “I #ThinkBilingual because bilingualism has connected me to so many wonderful people and cultures in a way that I could have never experienced or appreciated otherwise. Thinking bilingually also brought me the two most important people in my life. My multicultural family rocks!” – Angela Pack Zia, Executive Director of @thinkbilingualaustin. #bilingualkids #multilingual #austintx


  • Take a selfie with the I #ThinkBilingual because card along with your reason for “thinking bilingually”.  Post on social media with the hashtag –  #ThinkBilingual