Building Community through Language and Multicultural Exchange.

The podcast below introduces listeners to why and how language learning and multicultural exchange can be important tools for building a  strong sense of community through the bridging of diverse communities.

Creativity And Diversity: How Exposure To Different People Affects Our Thinking

Hidden Brain

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“This week on Hidden Brain, we look at the powerful connection between the ideas we dream up and the people who surround us, and what it really takes to think outside the box.”

“There is great comfort in the familiar. It’s one reason humans often flock to other people who share the same interests, laugh at the same jokes, hold the same political views. But familiar ground may not be the best place to cultivate creativity.

Social scientist Adam Galinsky has found that people who have deep relationships with someone from another country become more creative and score higher on routine creativity tests.

‘There’s something about deeply understanding and learning about another culture that’s transformative,’ Adam says.”


Bilingualism benefits both individuals and society; and we witness these benefits in every aspect of our lives.

  • • Cognitive benefits in decision making and spatial awareness.
  • • A more discerning thought process.
  • • Increase empathy for others.
  • • Greater cultural awareness of own culture and that of others.
  • • Greater social and economic opportunities.
  • • Healthier brain–studies show that bilingualism delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

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What Does Bilingualism Mean to You?


Expanding the network of your friends and sources of information

Understanding others and opening new doors

Expands horizons, opens gateways, breaks down barriers

Opens up the world a little more to me

Being able to fully live within two different cultural contexts

Me gusta ser bilingue para poder comunicarme con gente latina

Learning another language was essential for me to succeed socially and professionally

A man who can speak two languages is worth two men. Napoleon Hill

Bilingualism to me, first and foremost, is passing along my family heritage to my children via the modality of oral language

Patricia Ryan: Don't insist on english!

Patricia Ryan beautifully explains why thinking in different languages may help one problem solve in more creative ways.

No child left monolingual: Kim Potowski at TEDxUofIChicago

The Benefits of Being Bilingual

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